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Welcome to LJ Images Playground. LJ Images periodically collects images posted to LiveJournal and allows them to play around on this site. Like most playgrounds, there are a variety of games; some are cooperative while others are competitive.

Recent takes you to the newest images posted to LiveJournal. Take 10 brings up 10 images from the image database, along with their wins and losses from the Fight section.

Fight takes you to a challenge between two randomly chosen images. Deathmatch is a king of the hill game where a single "no" vote will eliminate an image. The last image standing is declared the winner! Deathmatch runs periodically, so if one has already finished, try back later.

Blogging has given people the ability to express and reach out to millions of others. The downside of this is it's hard to find blogs which match each individual's tastes, quirks, and experiences, and it's hard to find people you can connect with.

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, pictures can give people a glimpse into the life of an LJ member. While you are going through this site, please remember there is a story behind each picture. Some pictures may be whimsical, silly, or haphazard. Other pictures may be breathtaking, sad, or touching.

Feel free to browse through the collection of images, or if you are looking for something a little more competitive, try one of the contests. In those games, remember there is no "correct" criteria for determining who should win any given matchup -- choose with your mind, or your heart, or on a whim!

But as you go through these pictures, try clicking through to a blog if you find an image interesting. If you find their journal interesting, don't be afraid to communicate with them. Let them know what you think! That's what blogs are for, after all.

Most of us see hundreds of people each day, but how well do we know them? We pass by people on the street as if they were not there. Have fun with this site, but don't pass by all these people as you would on a crowded street. Stop a second and say hi! If we all took a little time to care a little, maybe we can all help make this a better world.  

Disclaimer: These images, while mostly fine, are not guaranteed to be work safe. Browse this site at your own risk.