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  Q. What is a Meme and why is there a button for it on the Fight! page?
A. Many sites allow people to take quizzes like "If you were an 80s movie, who would you be?" They allow people to post the results on their livejournal. LJ Images Fight! looks for original content and tries to filter out memes. Occassionally, however, some can get through. Reporting them helps remove them from our Fight! database.

Q. What's with the indecent button. Is this site work-safe?
A. While LJ Images Playground strives to be mostly work-safe, because the images are culled automatically from LiveJournal, there is a chance some Not Safe for Work images will get by. Images that are reported are removed, but if you work in a place which has strict rules (or just don't want any chance of seeing anything indecent), you probably shouldn't browse this site.

Q. Can I get my images removed from this site?
A. Yes. Post in the LJ Images community with your user name and request that you want to be removed.

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